September 11, 2015



Two excellent designers come together to create a prestigious international company:  DIDA HOME, LLC.

David Miranda and Diana Uribe, each with enormous talent strengthened professionally by formal studies of both Architecture and Design, see design and decoration as genuine way for the expression of art. Their projects are known around the world. Here you share one of my best interviews related to this wonderful world of Interior Designers:

You are both great examples of the new professional generation that has led to recognition as great interior designers.  How was the initial idea for this successful company born?  It was born at a Starbucks late at night when Diana and I had our first meeting, since we both had 9am to 5pm jobs and could meet only after work hours. We were contacted to design the first unit of a new concept boutique hotel; each unit would include 3 rooms, indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen, terraces, formal dining, outdoor dining and living rooms.  After we designed and executed the first unit our hotelier client loved our work and decided to hire us for the next 7 units. This was our first project and how we created DIDA Home.

Where do you go to get inspiration?  Most of the times we get inspiration from traveling, meeting people from different nationalities and cultures with interesting personalities; also an important part of our inspiration and research is nature -- its origins and materiality. It is so important for us to have a very close relationship with our clients since their home should talk about them, their personalities and the way they live their lives, we are just the intermediary between them and their home. 


What are some design challenges you’re having fun working out? It’s so fun to work with strong personalities, we love when clients are decisive and know what they want, it makes the process smoother and the overall outcome is always the best!

Can you share with us some of the projects that are adding dimension and depth to your repertoire?  We have been lucky to have clients from all over the world from London to South America from different cultures and backgrounds and most importantly different perceptions and design aesthetic which has given us an amazing portfolio with projects from contemporary to traditional to industrial and crafty.

How does your design process work?  Usually we meet up with clients, get to know them and their needs, the way they live their lives and their style. After we research on the location, weather, architecture of the residence, finishes, etc.,  then we put together a proposal merging style and functionality.


What is the key to be a successful Interior Designer?    Love what you do.            

What advice would you give to young designers who are just starting out in the industry? A lot of people think interior design is basically good taste, but there is a lot of research involved in it -- new techniques.  Always follow trends but not trends in styles or brands, mostly trends in materiality since the trends in interior design follow materials and techniques -- the more extensive the research is, the better the final product; function will follow and your client will be happy

I want to finish this edition thanking these two great designers, David and Diana, both Hispanic and founders of the firm DIDA HOME LLC.  It has been an honor to share with you and offer our fans this amazing interview that involves art and design.  Thank you very much for this beautiful experience.

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Thank you very much to my great collaborators, 

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